Connecting  forward-thinking organisations to transformative talent, faster by using AI technology for a guaranteed better match and you get to do it yourself. No agency fees.

The right role, The right person, The right fit.

What we do

Introducing Yudoozy

fast affordable hiring

Yudoozy provides a solution to hiring the right staff for SME's. We implement applicant tracking systems and testing platforms.

Time is money! No more large

recruitment agency fees.



Yudoozy sets up processes within the applicant tracking system with templates from phone screening to behavioural based questions to

reference checking.


SKILLs based testing

Make sure you get the correct competencies and skillset for each role you are hiring for. We set up role packs for each role and it all stays in one place.

personality testing

Yudoozy puts in place personality testing on the ATS so you make sure you are getting the correct people for your culture that you have worked so hard to build.

360 recruitment

Yudoozy can train your staff on the new applicant tracking system and support where needed or Yudoozy can take on the full 360 recruitment process  and do it for you.

contractor talent 

pool and search

Yudoozy has a pool of talented contractors. We do search and recruitment for board and executive-level roles.


How we work

Our Process


Get to know your business and assign us a brief of what your recruitment needs are.



Put a strategy together and write a report for the best online AI driven applicant tracking system and add-ons for your business.



Connect all the parts together including job boards, emails and texts so everything is fully automated through the ATS.



Help with the training on the new shiny systems so you can do it yourself or get a staff member to take control



We will always be here if needed to support you and give updates of any changes.

Please enquire for more information on both of these options.


Implement the new systems and proceedures, templates and document the processes.

CONTRACTORS: Yudoozy provides services for short-term and medium-term contracts, consulting roles and assignments across all disciplines and sectors. With our networks, we quickly find you, high-calibre professionals, who are familiar with your business and operating environment, and who get up to speed for efficient delivery.

Get in touch 

If you'd like to learn more or have a quick initial chat then please feel free to get in touch

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Yudoozy also specialises in search and recruitment for board and executive-level roles. We find you a pool of high-calibre leaders with the correct experience and cultural fit for your business.

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Senior Consultant

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